Fabricating the Death of Adolf Hitler pt1

The little that most of us think we know about the circumstances of Hitler's demise comes to us courtesy of British MI6 agent Hugh Trevor-Roper, a...
Author:  Ivan Jankovic

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The Hitler suicide story was used by the British as a weapon of psychological warfare to discredit National Socialism and stifle the German people's will to resist foreign occupation.

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From Publisher's statement of early/mid 1939: "The real Hitler died September 29, 1938, on the eve of the Munich Pact, and is being impersonated by his double. An article in The New Yorker, D...

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declassified CIA document with photo of Adolph Hitler in 1995, in Columbia

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Comic by JasonDescripción completa

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Descripción: Fue un soldado que fundió miedo a los judíos de tal manera que asesino a miles de ellos.

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Descripción: Germán Emanuel Obelar

The Art of Hitler by Steven L. Kasher (1992)

The Death of Rocketry describes the trials and tribulations of the first US inventor to obtain two US patents on `rotary to linear motion converters'. For those who are not yet familiar with this c...