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my ojt portfolioFull description

Full description

This is my thesis project containing concept and drawings which I have done in my 5th yr.Full description

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Selected work for Pathik Gandhi ( MAUD B.Arch)

This is the official savings and investment portfolio for Sense 2015.Full description

This portfolio belongs to Ar. Jitesh P Jadhav The work displayed are curriculum projects done in Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai during studying B. Arch, 2008-2013. The file is fo…Full description

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Resume and Architectural Portfolio for internship application, Aug, 2014Full description

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A cleverly compiled folio will showcase the breadth of your skills, delivering impact, information and standout design, while also influencing your future creative direction. So how do …Full description

OJT PORTFOLIOFull description